If You're Only Offering Local Services, Do You Need To Utilise Digital Media?

If You're Only Offering Local Services, Do You Need To Utilise Digital Media? South Wales Web Solutions

The internet is a universal tool.  It connects customers in Australia with companies in America; consumers in Europe with brands in China.  Having only been a mainstream resource for little over 15 years, it\’s one that millions upon millions of us have come to rely on – and if you don\’t think you do, ask yourself how long you\’d be able to cope without being able to shop, chat or bank online!

However, as universal as the internet is, there\’s still a common belief that it\’s not suited to all organisations.  Sure, for many it\’s perfect, as it provides a channel upon which they can reach a global audience.  For others, however, it\’s believed that there\’s little point in utilising it for commercial reasons.

For example, they only offer products or services to their immediate local area and because of this, don\’t need to reach an audience outside of this area.  As a result, they believe the internet – and digital media – is pointless for them to invest in.

But is this right?  Should you almost completely ignore the likes of mobile responsive websites, SEO and social media just because you don\’t need to speak or sell to customers outside of your local area?

And the answer, you may or may not be surprised to hear, is no – it really doesn\’t matter how big your audience is, who\’s within it or where they\’re located, an investment in digital media can completely revolutionise your business.

The reason behind this is a lot of people see the internet as a promotional resource, but it really doesn\’t have to be just that.  It can be a customer service tool.  It can be a way for you to engage with your audience.  It can provide a platform upon which you can build foundations for future growth, should that be the way you may want to go in the future.

The reality is, people expect organisations to have a digital presence today.  Whether you\’re a global brand or a local window cleaner, Google is the first port of call for many looking for further information or if they have a question to ask and so without a website or a social media presence, for example, you could very easily be losing potential customers to competitors.

What\’s more, having a digital presence instantly increases customer satisfaction – and when your customers are happy, they\’re more likely to spend a greater amount of time and subsequently money with you.

A great digital presence isn\’t something that should just been seen as an option for larger organisations and / or those who are trying to reach out to an audience outside of their local area.  Instead, digital media genuinely needs to be a consideration for all organisations, as if it is, you can ensure you\’re offering the best experience possible, ultimately resulting in you being as effective as you can be, irrelevant of who your audience is.

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