Why WordPress?

There are now endless ways to build a website with different programmes and packages on offer, yet more and more businesses are choosing to use WordPress and these businesses are not wrong. It is the most popular content management system in the world. Here at South Wales Web Solutions we specialise in providing SMEs with a top quality WordPress site and here are our top 4 reasons why:


It is a myth that good websites need to be complicated. The simpler a website is, the better it will function. Changes can be made instantly, complete redesigns are quick and simple to do. All the major search engines can read WordPress websites so you will rank well in the search results. WordPress is simple for all types of sites, from 5 page brochure sites to large ecommerce sites. It is also very simple to learn the basics of using a WordPress website, so you do not have to be tied in to expensive contracts with web design companies that hold all the code to your website, leaving you powerless to make changes.


Content marketing is still one of the best ways to market your business online. WordPress is first and foremost a blogging platform and new content can be added to your site with ease, while previous content is ordered and stored effectively. WordPress is the best blogging platform that there is. New blogs can be online within minutes and all content is ordered automatically.


At South Wales Web Solutions we can design you a beautiful and professional website using WordPress. There are no limits to the design and everything can be laid out as you wish. Or, you can adapt a tried and tested template so it matches your brand perfectly. Website design doesn\’t have to reinvent the wheel as consumers are used to navigating in a certain way and the quicker your website is to navigate, the better the user experience is.


Your website can grow with you. There are no limits to WordPress, no hidden extras. It doesn\’t matter how big your company grows you can stick with your WordPress website and it will cover everything that you need. You can continue to add products and blog posts without surprise extra charges. Many closed-sourced programmes will surprise you with extra charges when your website gets to a certain size. WordPress won\’t do this, it remains free to use.

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