WordPress for Start-Ups

If you have a start-up business then you will need a website that looks professional and gives potential customers and investors the perfect first impression. WordPress is already the most popular content management system for start-ups and there are many reasons why.


As a start-up you will need to watch your cash flow. It may be unrealistic at this stage to spend thousands on a complex website. A highly professional website can be built reasonably cheaply using WordPress. Not only is the design and build process cheaper than with a hard coded website but changing and improving your website is not as complex and therefore cheaper.


As you grow, so can your website. There are no limits to how big your WordPress website can grow, all the content will stay ordered, accessible and editable. This is perfect for start-ups with big ambitions.


At some point during the lifespan of your business you will want to re-brand. Changing the entire look of your website is easy with WordPress. You won\’t have to start from scratch, but the template and styles can be changed around relatively quickly and simply.


WordPress is easy to update and to make minor changes to content. If you change a pricing scheme, move offices or want to add a new blog you can do so without any prior coding knowledge.


Google\’s web crawlers like WordPress websites. They are easy to read and understand and follow a logical layout. Site maps can be done automatically and they are generally quick to load. This will all help with your online marketing.


It\’s 2014 so you should have a responsive website. WordPress supports responsive designs so your website can easily be navigated whether it is viewed on a PC, lap top, tablet or smart phone.

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