Why you should incorporate video into your website design

Incorporating a video into your website design will bring many benefits and more conversions. If you are looking to update your website then it is something that you should consider to make it eye-catching and win round more customers.

Grab your audience\’s attention

The whole purpose of your website should be to grab the attention of website visitors and make them stay on your site to browse further and find out more about your offerings. A video is a great way of doing this, as for many people it is easier to watch a video than it is to read lots of text.


If your video is fun, professional and inventive it will be very memorable, meaning a potential customer is more likely to come back to your site and remember your brand when they come to making a purchase.

Say more

You can say much more with a video than you can with text. A video can demonstrate the functionality of a product, it can highlight your brand values, tell your brand story and really tell a potential customer about what it is you have to offer. A customer will have to read through a lot of text to find all the information without a video.


A good video is more likely to be shared around social media then text and images. Therefore you can potentially reach a much larger audience by having a video incorporated into your website design than without one.

Animate your website design

Websites can sometimes be a bit stale and just like an online copy of a company brochure. A video in a website design changes this and helps to animate your website, making full use of the technology available. It will hold people on the page and provide a focus point.

Appeal to everyone

Not everyone is comfortable in reading a lot of text on a screen. Screen-reading is much harder than reading on paper and for people who have trouble reading or have English as a second language, lots of text can be intimidating and off-putting. A video, on the other hand, can be watched and understood by everyone.

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