Why WordPress Is Still Favoured By Website Designers

There are many different content management systems and many different ways of building a website now available. There is everything from hard coded websites in a variety of different scripts, to \’drag and drop\’ free website builders.

The system you choose for building your website will depend on the purpose of the website. However, the most popular choice of CMS for website designers is still WordPress.

WordPress has many advantages that make it perfect for the vast majority of websites. Unlike hard coding it can be updated quickly and easily with new pages added and navigations changed without too much difficulty. However, unlike drag and drop systems it is extremely flexible and easy for both humans and search engines to navigate.

A WordPress website can be designed to your exact requirements. There are many pre-made templates available, however a website designer will be able to produce a bespoke template to suit your business. Many people think that WordPress is very limiting but this couldn\’t be further from the truth. You would be surprised to learn about the variety of websites that have been built on WordPress.

WordPress is also a cost-effective platform, as it is free. The domain name, hosting and maintenance still need to be paid for, however you are not tied into any contracts with WordPress, like you are with other systems.

Once the website has been built and is up and running it can be expanded without any limits, provided there is sufficient web hosting. This makes it the best choice for start-ups and new businesses.

WordPress can also be made very secure, provided your website designer takes the relevant steps. Website security is an important issue for all businesses of all sizes. Hackers target websites at random, so presuming you are not important enough to be hacked is a mistake. At South Wales Web Solutions we take website security very securely and ensure all our websites are as secure as they can be.

WordPress is not only just good for design, updates and expansion, it is also good for search engine optimisation. WordPress websites are coded clearly so they can be read by search engine crawlers and the relevant ranking information extracted. This is great news for website designers who want to ensure that the websites they designed are being used.


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