What website type is right for your business?

You might think that one website is the same as any other website but this is not correct. Take the example of purchasing a used car – there are many car manufacturer makes and models to chose from and in addition to this, there will be many other considerations that you need to take into account before you can complete your car purchase, some of these will be:

  • Price – How much will it cost me and does it match my budget?
  • Size – How big does it need to be to match my lifestyle and my family circumstances?
  • Maintenance – What will it cost me to maintain it throughout the year?
  • Colour – What colour do I want and how many other people have this colour?

Of course when purchasing a used car, there will be many other factors to consider. But all of the above considerations can be taken into account when considering a new website for your business:

  • Price – How much will it cost and what is my budget?
  • Size – How many pages does it need to have to fit my business requirements?
  • Maintenance – What are the ongoing costs to keep my website up-to-date?
  • Colour / Design – How do I make it stand out from my competitors\’ websites?
What website type is right for your business? South Wales Web Solutions


Of course, there are many other questions that need to be considered when purchasing a business website but already the examples above show that no two websites are identical just like no two used cars are the same. The important point that needs to be remembered is that a website needs to fit the purpose of your business needs and the website you choose needs to be able to grow and adapt with your business as your business needs change.


Listed below is a brief overview of some of the main website types that you could consider for your business:

Brochure Website

This acts provisionally as an online business card and provides your business with a basic web presence. It can range from a one page advertising poster to a simple multi-page site displaying information such as opening times, prices and contact details. This type of website usually contains static content and requires minimal updating.

Content-Managed Website

This can range from a simple website with a small number of pages to a large complex website with hundreds of pages. It allows you to update the website content yourself, providing your customers with fresh information on a regular basis. Ideal if you need a blog or a news feed to inform your customers of new events that are taking place within your business.

e-Commerce Website

This provides your business with the opportunity to sell directly to your customers via an online shop. It enables your customers to purchase your products without restrictions on opening times. This type of website can be large and complex offering hundreds of products for sale or it can be small and simple allowing your customers the convenience of choosing from a handful of products. Either type is completely content managed by you.

There are other website types and website solutions that could also be considered for your business. Choosing the right solution is dependent on your business requirements and that’s where we can help. We can talk you through the process and provide you with a solution that matches your business needs. And as mentioned above, the important point to remember is that the solution chosen needs to be the solution that best fits your business needs and not that of your competitor.

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