What Can You Do To Help Your SEO Strategy?

What Can You Do To Help Your SEO Strategy? South Wales Web SolutionsThe search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques we use today are different to those used two years ago and the whole process is vastly different in general to even just five years ago.

As an experienced SEO agency serving Newport and the surrounding area, the development of SEO can be chartered easily over the years – or even the months, the change is often that considerable.

Once seen as something that only a specialist agency could do effectively, whilst it’s important that an agency should still be your first port of call, it’s also crucial to be aware that today, clients can impact upon SEO themselves and assist the strategy already being implemented.

And although a strategy will still be completely and utterly successful without input from a client, we never tell clients that they should standback if they don’t want to.

However, what we do say is that anything that’s carried out needs to be done so carefully. As SEO has changed so much, knowledge can become outdated extremely quickly, meaning something that would have been particularly effective a few years ago could be, at best, a waste of time – but at worst it could actually be harming the success of the strategy as a whole.

Take the creation of content as an example. All of our SEO strategies now revolve around blogging, as it’s the perfect resource for delivering everything from fresh content through to natural, high quality backlinks.

With a company blog setup and all content published there, clients are never stopped from writing and publishing their own content on the blog.

But what has to be understood is that quantity is never going to win the race against quality and therefore it’s crucial blog posts aren’t just published for the sake of doing so, because it’s felt the more, the better, for instance.

If you’ve got something extremely valuable to say that is worthy of a few hundred words, by all means, publish it on your blog. Even if that’s five times per week. But don’t just publish a few sentences every day because you feel you have to.

It’s the same with backlinks. Quality must always prevail over quantity and you should never develop a backlink that could be considered unnatural, purely for the sake of believing you need vast amounts of them.

Today, there is a huge focus on the terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ when it comes to SEO, as there should be. In a nutshell, this means that when it comes to backlinks, they should never be built, but generated.

Link farms – such as some directories – are almost never going to have a positive impact anymore. Commenting on industry relevant blogs, however, could be a great way to get a backlink. That is, assuming the comment is truly of value and isn’t made purely for the sake of the backlink.

As we said above, our strategies will be a success without a client’s involvement. Whilst they’re encouraged to be a part of the strategy if they wish, it’s vital to know how certain techniques impact on SEO – and if you’re at all ever unsure, you simply have to ask.

We don’t want to work separately from a client. Instead, we want to become as involved as we can with their organisation. SEO has grown to become a strategy that encompasses various aspects of the entire customer experience and journey and we’re therefore extremely happy to answer any questions you have around SEO.

Working with numerous clients based in either Cardiff or the many suburbs which surround the capital city of Wales our aim is to ensure any SEO strategy we develop and implement is as beneficial to the client as it can be.

Understanding that clients more than ever want to be involved, this is something we actively encourage and fully embrace, helping to educate our clients as much as we possibly can to ensure that any work they carry out to supplement their SEO strategy is going to be nothing other than positive.

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