What A Local Business Needs From Its Website

At South Wales Web Solutions we provide businesses across South Wales with professional and functional websites that see an excellent return on investment for all our clients.

Although we regularly design websites for large, national companies, we also enjoy designing websites for local companies. We find that there are certain things that all local businesses need from their websites and we often advise business owners on how their website should be laid out for maximum effectiveness.

A striking website design

For a local business it is vital to have a website that looks professional and has a striking design that reflects everything that you stand for.

Good images and a properly designed website will create a great impression for potential customers that are researching your products and services.

Clear contact details

If your business is local, then it must have clear contact details demonstrating that you are clearly rooted in the local area and are accessible and contactable.

Clear contact details incorporated into your website design not only help website visitors, but they also help to get you listed on Google\’s Local Search.

An About page

When people are shopping locally they are much more likely to be interested in you and your business story. An About page is a real asset on a local business website as it gives potential customers an opportunity to find out more about you and give them a reason to come to you, rather than any competitors.

A clear navigation system

As with any website design, your website must have a clear navigation system. Website visitors want to find information quickly and not being able to find it can put them off. Whether it is your opening times, your service area, or your current menu. Make sure you have all the information on your website and it is easy to find.


A local business website must be responsive. It must work properly and quickly on all types of devices. You never know who is out and about and looking for your product or service in the local area on their smart phone.

If your local business in Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport and across South Wales is in need of a new website, please get in touch.

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