At South Wales Web Solutions we have spent much time designing websites in Swansea. Because of this we are very used to hearing everyday \’Welshisms\’ and knowing what they mean. Unfortunately, when Swansea businesses talk to other businesses (especially those as far away as England) there can be moments of confusion.

If you are coming into Swansea area to do business, there are a few words that you may not have heard of, that may confuse you or you may misinterpret.

Here is a specific list of Welshisms that play an important part when conducting business in Wales:


Now, \’I\’ll do it now\’

Meaning: \’At some point in the future I will do it.\’

If a Welsh person says they will do it now, they will do it, just relax.


In a minute now, \’I\’ll do it in a minute now\’

Meaning: \’At some point in the future I will do it, but only once I have done everything that I am going to do now.\’

What they say will be done, will be done, but they are busy, so there is no need to nag.


Butt, \’You alrrigh\’ butt?\’

Meaning: \’Friend.\’

If someone refers to you as \’butt\’ then this is a good thing. It is by no means rude.


Buzzing, \’It was absolutely buzzing down there\’

Meaning: Very unpleasant, possibly unpleasant smelling as well.

This meaning of buzzing is not to be confused with any other versions of buzzing, especially when buzzing is used to imply something is good and exciting and vibrant.


Lush: \’That\’s lush\’

Meaning: Lovely

They like it, they really do.


Tidy: \’Ooh! Tidy!\’

Meaning: Good

Can be used to describe people, animals, places, situations and things. If a Welsh person recommends an associate and describes them as \’tidy\’ then it means they are a good person and bares no resemblance to how they keep their desk.


Tamping: \’I\’m tamping\’

Meaning: Furious

If a Welsh person is tamping, please stand back, especially if you have caused this situation.


Cwtch: \’Fancy a cwtch?\’

Meaning: Cuddle, a place of comfort and safety.

If a Welsh person offers you a cwtch, they may be overstepping the business relationship.


As long as you understand the meanings of these words then you will be able to conduct business smoothly and efficiently in Swansea.

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