Why Have A Website?

Many companies and businesses across South Wales still do not have a website, or their website is basic and out of date. If you are already making money, why should you have a website?


Other businesses and customers now expect you to have a website that they can refer to. If somebody is trying to look you up online to find your contact details or opening hours and they can\’t find anything then for the sake of convenience they may go elsewhere. If you are B2B then other businesses may question your integrity and professionalism if you do not have a website.


Customers are getting lazy. To find information they would prefer to check your website than to look up your phone number and give you a call. If they are choosing between two cafés to go to then they may look at the menu online in advance and make their decision that way. If a customer wants to know your opening hours then they will do this by checking your website.

A potential customer may not concentrate on all the services that you offer when you are talking to them, they will presume that all this information is on your website and they can find it again at their convenience.


Often potential customers will do some research about your business before making a purchase. In order to protect your online reputation it helps if you have your voice represented through your website. If somebody searches your company name it is better to have your website come up first than review sites, or other mentions that you have no control over. Having your own website goes a long way in protecting your online reputation.


A strong brand is essential to running a successful business. Just as your business cards, leaflets and brochures all have a similar look and feel your website can enhance your brand image through images, videos and text. You can convey far more about what your brand represents through your website than through other forms of media.

New customers

No matter how niche or local your business, or how successful your word-of-mouth marketing is you will not reach everybody this way. You never know who has just moved to the area, who has suddenly become interested in your niche and who has sudden need of your service. These people will try to find your company and without a website they may not find you and will go to your competition instead.

If you are looking for a website designer in Bridgend or Swansea, talk to South Wales Web Solutions and we can create the perfect website for your business and budget.

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