Website design ideas for 2015

The speed at which website design develops means that in 2015 we are likely to see some amazing new design trends and some fantastic new ideas. Of course, you can\’t be expected to keep up with all the new trends and there is no way that we can predict everything that will happen in the world of website design in 2015. However, if you are looking to spruce up your website this year, then here are a few things that you should consider.

Image-led design

Using large and prominent images on your website can tell the casual viewer much more about your brand than using words. An image can convey what your company does, your company values and your market position, all at a glance.

An image-led website is also memorable and visually appealing, making your website and your brand stand out from the crowd.

Larger text

It is predicted that text is going to get larger on websites. Lots of research is being carried out on how people read on screens and what type of text is easiest for people to read. Reading on a screen is very different to reading on paper and larger text may make it easier. So far most website text has been very standard, with few variations. This could all change in 2015 as people start to experiment.

More media

As people\’s internet connections improve and as the need to stand out is increasing including more videos, images and other media on websites will become more common. A video on your website can give a website visitor lots of information and can help you in the search engines. Good media is also easy to share and so you could reach more people.

Sticky sites

Websites that make their money through advertising are getting very good at designing the entire site so people stick on them. As soon as a website visitor has finished reading one article or watching one video there are lots of other options that the visitor may be interested in flashing up and tempting them.

Keeping visitors on your website is good for a lot of reasons and as affiliate and advertising sites get better and better at perfecting sticky designs some of this will filter down to basic websites as well.

There will be lots of new website design ideas in 2015. If you have a particular goal or look that you want to go for then speak to an experienced website designer to help you to achieve everything that you want with a modern and stylish website.

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