Using SEO techniques to build your brand

Often SEO is kept as a separate process to the rest of the marketing mix. This is a mistake as SEO techniques can be used for brand building, not just for the link building and search engine rankings.

Sometimes you may find suitable keywords that are so competitive that you won\’t even attempt hitting page 1 for them. You may be competing against all the top players, such as Wikipedia, and very large informative sites in your niche. Rather than giving up with these keywords, knowing that you won\’t make it to page 1, you can use these keywords to embark on some brand building.

Find your opportunities

Go through the top 10 list and find opportunities for getting involved or mentioned in some way on the site. If the site is Wikipedia, join in the discussion, or offer a photo that can be used for the page. It won\’t gain you a link, but it will gain you a mention and anyone reading the page will have exposure to your brand.

The same applies to other sites that are in the top 10 for your competitive keywords. Reach out to them and offer your expertise. Do not focus on getting a link from them, but find out if you can supply any content for their site, including articles, images and videos.


If any of the sites have any advertising on them then advertise your brand, if they are relevant and hitting your target audience. If sites do not currently have adverts on them, but your site matches theirs perfectly, then it won\’t hurt to ask if they will advertise your site. They may be willing to put an advert on one of their pages.

Get involved

Some of the top sites may have community forums or another opportunity to participate. Become a part of the community, posting useful information. You will gain the attention of other community members and the webmasters, making it easier for you to proposition them for a mention in the future.

When you are looking at your keywords, do not just do so in terms of SEO, but also in terms of your overall marketing strategy so you don\’t miss any opportunities.

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