Why Use Long Tail Keywords

Choosing keywords for your website is one of the fundamental tasks when you build your website. These are the words that you want to be found in the search engines for. When you first think about your keywords you may think that they are obvious, but unfortunately it is rarely that easy.

You first have to look at what keywords will have a high conversion rate. This will involve some research and maybe a bit of trial and error as well until you find the exact keywords that your potential customers use when they are looking for your exact product or service. It is no good having people visit your website if they are actually searching for something which you don\’t offer.

But it doesn\’t stop there. Once you have a list of keywords that you want to be found for you then need to find out if anyone ever uses those keywords. There are various tools that you can use to find this information out, but one of the most accurate is the Keyword Planner in the Google Adwords management system. You may find that you need to slightly adjust your keywords, for example, making something a plural in order to gain a lot more hits.

You then need to find out how competitive these keywords are. You might find that you have very little competition, or you could find that the competition is very high to appear at the top of Google for your chosen keywords. Again, you can look at the Keyword Planner to find out how high the competition is, or you can see what other companies you will be up against by just typing the keyword into a search engine and seeing who comes up on the top page.

If you are in the unfortunate position of finding that you have very high competition then you will want to look at using long tail keywords. These are longer and more precise phrases that will both improve convertibility and reduce competition. For example, if you want to appear in Google for the keywords \’Flats in London\’ you will find that the competition is very high, so you may want to focus your efforts instead on something precise you offer, such as \’3 bedroom flat in Soho to rent.\’ This is a longer phrase that will have less monthly searches, but also less competition, making it easier to reach the top of Google.

Long tail keywords such as this also make up a lot of the searches on Google and they offer a high conversion rate if you choose them wisely. So if you find that you do not have much luck on the keywords that you want to be found for, think about using long tail keywords instead for greater conversion and less competition.

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