Updating your website in 2015

A new year is a chance for a new start. If you haven\’t done so for a while, then you could look to update your website in 2015.

More and more consumers are referring to websites and using online sources to research before they make a purchase. Therefore it is crucial that your website can be found by potential customers and that they can find the information that they need.

In 2015 if you want to be found then it must be responsive, have a fast loading time, be easy to navigate and easy to update. If your website isn\’t any of these things then you should get it updated.


More and more people regularly access the internet using tablets and smart phones. Your website must be responsive for it to be viewed properly on these devices. If your website can not be viewed and navigated on all devices then you risk losing customers. Not only this but your website will rank much further down the search engines for your keywords, so it will be much harder for people to find.

Load speed

A fast-loading website is important for a number of reasons. Not everybody has high-speed broadband and many people rely on the slower mobile networks for their internet. If your website is slow to load then people will easily get bored or presume it is broken and seek their information elsewhere.

The speed at which a website loads is also a contributing factor in the search engine algorithms. You will appear higher up the list if your website loads quickly.


Don\’t make your website visitors go round in circles searching for the information that they need. Your menu should be clear and your site map must be well constructed. Make sure you seek expert advice on this as an easy website is harder than it seems at first. An expert web developer can help you to lay everything out simply and easily.


You should be making regular updates to your website. This will keep it high up the search rankings and make it look fresh for your website visitors. If it is obvious that your website is up-to-date with all accurate information then you are more likely to look trustworthy and open for business, converting more web visitors into customers.

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