A Two Pronged Approach within Web Design

As website designers servicing many businesses in and around South Wales, our team of web developers at South Wales Web Solutions are fully aware of the priorities of both new and existing clients within this region. Priorities are always focused around creating an online marketing campaign, that will drive traffic to the site, maintain attention and most importantly convert the browser into a customer.

So how do we help our clients achieve this objective and ensure a positive return on their investment though web design ?

A two pronged approach – SEO and CRO


A Two Pronged Approach within Web Design South Wales Web Solutions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) includes the strategic use of relevant key words, which are used by browsers when searching, within a website. These key words are then used within page content, titles, headings and alt tags to enable the Search Engines to identify the site and rank it more favourably within the SERPs. Pages are also linked via these relevant key words within the content, again adding impact to the site.

When these techniques have been implemented to get the browsers to the site, it is now necessary to keep them there and to avoid the ‘bounce’. This is where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) comes in.

CRO focuses on the experience of the browser when they land on a website and its ability to hold the attention of the browser and engage with them. The design of the site is therefore critical to this being effective and as such the process has to begin at the conception stage of the site, to ensure the structure naturally unfolds and pages are linked appropriately and navigation is seamless. It will need to be developed with a complete empathy for the user, include language that is relevant to them and as such include terms and references that they will understand. It will be well sign posted and include call to actions, that will allow them to navigate directly to where they will find the information they are looking for, so that they can make informed decisions. Having such a site will instil confidence, which is a powerful influence when it comes to committing to the deal that is being offered.

Core elements for this to be effective are therefore content and navigation tools but these also need to be considered within the SEO process too. Once upon a time it was sufficient to just include key words and phrases as part of the SEO process, however now it is necessary to apply a far more sophisticated approach, with key words needing to be included in ‘quality’ content which is both relevant and authoritative – two key factors which Google will rate sites by to determine their credibility.

The synergy that exists between the two techniques is therefore significant and with both processes working in tandem with each other, a positive impact will no doubt be reflected in the SERPs.


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