The hazards of a DIY website

When many businesses start out costs are a big issue. Understandably business owners want to cut costs wherever possible.

Many of our clients come to us for a new website design after they have been running their business for a while, having previously had a DIY website. Many clients wish that they had come to us sooner as a DIY website comes with many drawbacks that can hinder a business that is trying to get off the ground.

Time consuming

If you are not well-versed in website design and development, building your own website is a very time consuming business. Even the drag and drop website builders will take a lot of time to decide where things should go, how the navigation should work, where to buy hosting from, choosing a domain name etc.

Anyone who has ever started a business knows that it is a very, very busy time and therefore spending every evening wrestling with unfamiliar technology is going to distract you from more of the important tasks you have to make a successful business.

Being taken seriously

As a new business, one of the greatest challenges is being taken seriously. No one has heard of you, you have no word-of-mouth marketing and can\’t provide any testimonials. When people are researching your business or trying to find out more about you, they will go to your website. If it doesn\’t look professional, then the chances are you will not be taken as seriously as you would be if you had a professionally designed website.

Repeating yourself

If you plan on running your business for a while (as all new business owners do). You will know that your DIY website won\’t last forever and eventually you will want to upgrade. It makes no sense, either financially or for efficiency to do a job twice. If you set up a DIY site when you start out, all your efforts will be wasted within 6 months.

Conversion rate

Us website designers don\’t just put things online in any order. We spend a lot of time gaining knowledge on how to optimise websites for high conversion. This means you have a greater chance of converting a website visitor into a paying customer if your website is well set out and clear to navigate.


It is not just banks that hackers target. All websites are targeted no matter their size or importance. A respectable website design agency will ensure your website is secure and your work won\’t be interrupted by having to repair all the damage a cyber hack can do.

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