Why You Should Take Your Digital Marketing Seriously Part 3

In this 3 part guide we are looking at ways to promote your website once it has been built. A good website is not the end of your digital marketing, you will want to make sure potential customers visit it and become customers. There are various digital marketing activities that you should be embarking on to make this happen. We have already looked at updates and SEO, now we are going to look at what you should be doing with social media.

Social Media

There is a lot of hype around social media, and many companies have been disappointed with results. Your social media campaign should reflect your business, to avoid putting time and effort into something that may not work. There are a few situations in which you should not use Facebook, but here are a few reasons why marketers love using Facebook and Twitter.

You can interact with potential customers, gain feedback and customers can quickly and easily share your brand with their friends. Social media also works well for brand positioning. You can build your brand\’s story over social media and represent your brand through a variety of different methods.

Through Facebook and Twitter advertising you can also target customer segments very precisely and accurately, far more so than through other media, such as television and radio. So if you have a niche product, Facebook advertising could be perfect for you. It is an inexpensive way of reaching people through their demographics, hobbies and interests.

Facebook is a very useful B2C platform, whereas Twitter works better for B2B. This is a very broad generalisation and there are many exceptions, for example many small business owners or newly self-employed may be interested if a website design company advertises through Facebook and Twitter users will be interested in new products and services from a brand they follow.

Social media is time-consuming as you have to continually update it and respond to queries and comments, so many businesses choose to hand it over to a social media manager for it to run effectively.

Social media should be used to drive traffic to your website and to link in with all your other marketing activities. A well-run campaign will be planned out in advance and kept up-to-date. Social media is a very effective digital marketing tool if it is done correctly.

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