Why You Should Take Your Digital Marketing Seriously Part 1

Once you have set up shop and have started your business you will want to get yourself a website. The reasons to have a website are numerous and it is widely recognised that having a website is a fantastic way to gain more customers.

But once you have a website is that it? Can you forget about it? Unfortunately not. You have to take steps to ensure that potential customers can find your website, otherwise it is just like having one thousand glossy brochures printed and keeping them in the cupboard to gather dust. No matter what your business or your budget you will want to engage in some form of digital marketing in order to attract potential customers to your business.

In this three part guide South Wales Web Solutions looks at the type of activities that you or your web support agency should be engaging in to keep your digital marketing up-to-date.



Once your website has been designed and is online it is very unlikely that you won\’t want to make changes. Your business will evolve and expand, you will run offers and your products or services will change throughout the year. You will need to keep your website updated to reflect this.

Customers will visit your website for numerous reasons, such as to check opening times, prices and services offered. The information that you display must be up-to-date to avoid putting people off and causing confusion. If it is obvious that your website hasn\’t been updated for the past 5 years then customers will not trust the information that they read.

You may want to change details and images on your website in response to the changing seasons and push the products or services that are most likely to sell at a certain time of year. For example, if you run a café then you will want images of steaming hot chocolates during winter, and images of ice cream during summer in order to attract the most amount of customers through your website all year round.

Regularly updating offers will keep people visiting your website and therefore interested in your brand. If you do not run offers then show-casing products or services regularly, with an in-depth explanation will also work. It will keep the website fresh and provide interesting information for your potential customers.

If you do not have time to update your website yourself then South Wales Web Solutions can do it for you, so you can get on with running your business while your website remains fresh, interesting and up-to-date.

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