Why you shouldn't be ignoring engagement

The one thing that all marketers strive for is engagement with their customers. A customer who feels like they have a two-way relationship with a brand is more likely to be a repeat customer, recommend the brand and give the brand all-important feedback.

Engagement should not be ignored in the online world either. Not only does it bring about all the above benefits, but it is also an important ranking factor for SEO.

When an audience is engaged with a website they spend longer on the site, are more likely to share it on social media and more likely to send links to the website from other blogs and websites. All these things will greatly help you with your SEO, as they are strong signals that your website is high quality.

How you go about driving engagement on your website will depend on the type of website and type of business that you run. You could include interesting articles, videos, original graphics or games to increase user interest.

How your website is designed will also greatly influence how much engagement a website visitor will have. There are a few things that you can do when developing your website that will help you to keep your customers interested.

A fast load speed is very important, as is a responsive website. Anyone, anywhere should be able to view your site on whatever device they have. If your website does not load quickly on all devices then this will greatly increase your bounce rate, pushing you down the rankings.

Your website should be easy and obvious to navigate, meaning that website visitors do not get frustrated and leave the site before they have found what they wanted. If they keep clicking on the wrong pages they will not stay on a page for very long, sending signals that there is little engagement with the website.

Include social sharing widgets so that website visitors can share your content quickly and easily. If your website includes a lot of articles or videos then make it easy for a visitor to find more content on your website.

Engagement is very hard to measure, and it is difficult to link engagements to SEO results in a tangible way. However, it must not be ignored and as SEO changes and develops further engagement could become one of the main ranking factors.

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