SEO ideas for 2015

Creating an SEO plan is a tricky business. The rules keep changing as fast as you can plan. However, if you have been following SEO for a few years then you will have noticed different trends and have some idea about how to make a comprehensive SEO plan for 2015.

The most important thing for 2015 will be to not take any short cuts. Gone are the days where you can quickly and easily gain links that will speed you up the rankings. Instead you now need to go for quality, not quantity. How you gain these high quality links will depend on the type of business you have and how much time and resources you can spend on your SEO campaign.


Content is still king, but the exact type of content that you have on your website will determine how many links it will attract. Ideally you want to be producing educational and informative content that demonstrates how you are an industry expert and will be a good source for anybody researching your specific topic or industry. You need information that no one else can provide.

However, just having the content on your website is not good enough. You then need to tell people about it and to encourage them to link to you. Research what type of other sources are out there and what type of websites you could get links from before you start.


You should integrate your PR and SEO strategies in order to make the most of any publicity. If you have any news pieces send them to online sources as well as paper publications and alert any influencers or bloggers that may be interested. Well known news sources will always provide high quality links.

Guest blog with caution

A good guest blog will earn you a high quality link, but only if you very carefully choose where to publish. Lots of low quality author links will get you nowhere, but an author link on a well-known and well-reputed site will give you very good link juice. However, gaining one of these links will take anything up to 6 months, by the time you have communicated with the other web master and produced a piece that they are happy with.

Quality throughout

If you go above and beyond with every part of your business then you are much more likely to build yourself a good online reputation. People are willing to leave reviews, write blogs and to discuss your business online, earning you those links, if they have been impressed with you. If your business is mediocre and disappointing then your online reaction will be negative or non-existent, making it much more difficult to gain high quality links.

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