Do You Realise The Importance Of Images In Digital Marketing?

Do You Realise The Importance Of Images In Digital Marketing? South Wales Web Solutions

When many of us think of digital content, we think of blog posts.  We think of website content, tweets and perhaps even online press releases.  Whatever it is, however, it\’s almost always just purely words.

And whether it\’s 20 or 2,000, the right words can be vital to the success of your digital strategy.

But although this is the case, are you spending too much time focusing on only words?  Content is undoubtedly king, but that doesn\’t only have to be words – and images can in fact help you to see more success.

As humans, we digest information better when it\’s presented digitally.  This can most probably be traced right back thousands upon thousands of years when images were the only real way to communicate, but there\’s been a lot of research carried out that showcases the benefits of using visuals within your content today.

The simple fact is, images make things more interesting.  They provide information in a more instant format, something that words alone just can\’t do.

Imagine if you landed on a website\’s product page, for instance and all that was there were words.  There was plenty of information provided by the words, but apart from it being several paragraphs long – which instantly means people are unlikely to read it all, in-depth – words alone can leave certain things open to interpretation.

As soon as you throw an image or two in there, you instantly make the page more interesting.  People can see exactly what they\’re going to be buying and therefore you don\’t have to rely on visitors reading all of the words before they hit \’Buy\’ – instead, they\’re able to skim over the words, view the image and if it looks like what they\’re looking for, they\’ll be more willing to buy sooner.

But it isn\’t just on website product pages where they can be beneficial – their usage on social media can be fantastic, too.

Every organisation today needs to be utilising social networks, as they\’re great at impacting positively on customer engagement.  However, most need to be achieving something secondary from their activity, which is usually click-throughs to their website.

And this is where images can come into play.

When you put an update on social media, you\’re relying on people digesting the text and then clicking through.  If you include an image within the update, you instantly ensure people can see what it is you\’re actually talking about and as such, the chance of them clicking through to find out more is greatly increased.

Using images online is only going to improve your overall activity.  From a relevant graphic in a blog post to an eye-catching visual on Facebook, begin using them today and we\’re certain that as long as the quality is right, you\’ll see nothing but benefits.

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