What questions to ask your web design company

Choosing a website design company is a big decision for a business. A lot rests on having a good and accessible website that will convert website visitors into customers. When you are looking for a new website design company it is crucial that you ask a few questions so you do not get caught out with either future unexpected expenses or not getting the service that you deserve.

How will the website be built?

This is a crucial question for finding out how easy it will be to transfer web design companies and how easy it will be to make changes and updates. Unless you need very complex functionality then you should stick to having a WordPress website. If a design company wants to hard code a site then it will be difficult to switch and take control. You will also be paying a premium for every time you need an update or a change to your site.

WordPress websites are simple to update and you only need to know the log in details to do this.

How secure will the website be?

Many website design companies and many businesses overlook website security. Even if you have a brochure website, instead of an ecommerce website, you still need to take security seriously. It can be disastrous if your website is hacked, as it can be very costly to fix and you could lose customers.

Will the website be responsive?

Just because it is 2015 it does not mean that all web designers will make you a responsive website. You need to be certain before you start that your website will be readable on all devices, otherwise you will lose customers.

Are there ongoing maintenance packages?

It is crucial that your website is well-maintained. There are all sorts of updates and security changes that need to take place as time goes on. Without a maintenance package your website could be hacked or fail to function properly over time.

How fast will the website load?

Load speed is very important for keeping customers interested and for getting you up the search engine rankings. If your website loads slowly then you risk losing customers as they get bored, or think that the website is broken.

Will I be able to update my website?

Find out how to ensure your website is updated every time you have a small change in your business, or you have a new product or offer. Your website design company should be able to make changes to your website when you require them. It is no point them handing over the finished product and you not being able to update anything.

Can I see previous work?

A web design company should have a lot of experience and be able to demonstrate similar designs and functionality to what you want to achieve. Do not go with anyone who can not do this, no matter the price, as it will end up costing you in the long run.

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