PR and SEO

As digital marketing evolves and marketers get to grips with all the different communication platforms available to them strategies are becoming more and more integrated. This is as it should be with an overall strategy that incorporated different and appropriate disciplines to produce one message about a brand or a product.

But it is not just marketing that is changing as digital becomes more integrated into the whole business. PR is also changing. Online PR now counts for a lot of the overall coverage and it is now advised that businesses start to combine their PR and SEO efforts.

SEO has changed dramatically since it first became a discipline. The emphasis is now very much on gaining high quality links from reputable sources. This means that businesses have to produce something worth talking about in order to become successful. If a business is following a good PR strategy then the business will also be able to make big grounds with SEO.

Of course, you can not just focus on PR and assume that you will gain all the links that you would get without any thought of SEO. The job of SEO is to ensure that all PR coverage is fully utilised in order to gain the maximum number of high quality links from each piece of PR.

This can involve a number of different techniques, from phoning up newspapers to get them to include a link to your company in an online news story, to contacting bloggers to make them aware of the story and to ensure that the story also gets maximum coverage on social media channels.

Gaining good quality links without a worthwhile story is becoming harder than ever, as the search engines constantly update to try to only show the best results. If your business needs an SEO boost then you should try to give it that boost alongside a PR campaign in order to get maximum coverage in all relevant places.

2015 is going to see more SEO updates and changes and marketing as a whole change and develop with more integration between all the separate disciplines. You can stay on top of all these changes if you start to integrate now.

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