Should I Pay for Links?

In order to appear higher up the search engine rankings your website needs to have back links. An easy option is to just pay for some links, but there are good ways and bad ways to pay for links. Should you do it?

The bad ways to pay for links are to do so indiscriminately and just build links for the sake of it. This could well cause a massive drop in your search engine rankings as your site will get penalised. Many SEO companies still use bad link farms as a way of generating back links. This will now get you nowhere in the search engines, as Google\’s algorithms are now to advanced. You are more likely to incur a penalty and will have to go to the trouble of disavowing your links through Google Websmasters.

Another bad way to pay for links is to use \’link swaps\’ these are pages on websites that are hidden from public view but still crawlable by search engines. These pages include long lists of links that have been exchanged for a link on a similar page on a different site. Again, Google has cottoned on to these link exchanges and also penalises websites that use them.

There are good ways to pay for links, but along with everything good it does take a bit of time, effort and investment. A good link back to your site will not only help you with SEO, but also generate relevant traffic back to your site, which, in turn, helps with SEO.

To begin with you need to find out who the main online influencers of your industry are. Do some research and find the blogs, online magazines and websites where your industry is discussed and where your potential customers are likely to do their research before making a purchase. Only once you have done this can you start to look for places to pay for a link.

Many websites will sell you a backlink and sometimes at quite a substantial price so you need to spend some time to find out whether or not it is worth it for you. These websites will give you information about their traffic, but make sure you unpick it and know what you are getting. Check the page rank of the website and do some research on the general popularity of the website through social media. The higher the page rank of the website, generally the more SEO benefits you will receive from it.

If you pay for a link on the right website you could receive more relevant traffic and improvement on your SEO, but always be certain on what you are going to get before you pay.

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