This One Weird Web Marketing Trick That Your Competitors Don't Know About!!

Ok, I\’m going to give the game away first: That \’one simple trick\’ is how to write a \’click-bait\’ title for your content. It\’s a basic formula:

1 x trigger word (weird) + 1 x keyword (web marketing) + 10 x urgency (your competitors don\’t know) = 100s x clicks

It\’s very simple to do once you get the hang of it. You can add a massive sense of intrigue to almost any headline by writing all your content titles this way. Just take a look through BuzzFeed or Upworthy to get to grips with this technique.

But, here\’s the problem: What the hell do you do with all those website visitors once they\’ve clicked on your title? And what were they after in the first place? Have you ever clicked on one of these titles and gone on to buy something, or were you just after a glorious moment of distraction?

Not all website traffic was created equal and you have to remember to maintain brand credibility while attracting website visitors. Unless you run an affiliate site and need to attract high numbers in order to attract advertisers, then the chances are that you are going to want genuine buyers visiting your website, not people looking for a distraction. Your content writing should convert website visitors into customers.

Another problem with this content marketing method is that it so regularly disappoints. Have you ever clicked on a headline that includes the word \’mind-blowing\’ and actually had your mind blown by the article? Probably not. Although the click-bait craze is still going strong at the moment, like anything that is over-used, consumers will start to become numb to it.

Content marketing is a very effective tool for a number of reasons, credibility being the main reason. Your content should be informative, entertaining and represent everything that your brand stands for. So before you jump for joy too much when you receive 1000s of hits on one article, take not of how much business this article has brought you.

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