Non-Responsive Loses Customers

We\’re now more than half way through 2014, so your website should be responsive. A responsive website is one that looks good whether it is viewed on a PC, a lap-top, a tablet, a smart phone, or on whatever other device people are viewing the internet on these days.

Not only is it important that your website looks good, but it is also important that it is still easy to navigate, even on a small screen. If your website doesn\’t respond to a small screen size then it will become near-impossible to navigate as clicking on the right links becomes challenging, if not impossible.

If you do not want to lose customers then you need to make sure your website is responsive. It is arguable whether or not the internet has increased efficiency, but one thing\’s for certain, it has increased impatience. Consumers have become accustomed to having everything they need to know at a click of a button and do not want to wait for your website to slowly load on their phone and then spend a long time scrolling around trying to find what it is they want. Instead, they will go elsewhere.

Smart phone and tablet browsing is becoming more popular. Younger generations can flit between devices without noticing and expect the same user experience on each device. Older generations use their smart phones and tablets when they are on the go, want information quickly, or do not want to fire up their home PC. Although PCs still account for the majority of internet browsing, it is a majority that is shrinking fast.

Talk to your web designers to make sure your website is fully responsive. Otherwise you will lose custom from anyone that accesses your site from a tablet or smart phone. Not only will you lose custom now, but you will continue to lose custom unless you catch up now and grow your business with a fully responsive website.

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