How to monetise your website

If you are looking to make money from your website then there are several ways of doing it. Making money online appeals to a lot of people due to the flexibility, minimal outgoings and lack of face-to-face sales. However, it must never be underestimated how much hard work goes into making money online. For every success story there are hundreds of failures, so if you are looking to monetise your website then be prepared for some hard graft.


Selling through your website is the obvious way to make money online. You can sell physical products or services through your website. Many shops with physical locations choose to also have an ecommerce website in order to maximise profits. However, there are many ecommerce websites without physical shops.

Marketing is obviously the biggest issue with ecommerce stores, as you need to make sure your customers can find you. It is important that you really know your niche and can target them directly.


Some websites that provide high quality information are subscription only, such as The Times. There are lots of niche websites out there that will let you read there articles for a small fee. Some websites provide some content for free and \’premium content\’ for subscribers.

If you are thinking of setting up a subscription website, or you are thinking of changing your current website to a paid subscription site then you need to be confident that you are providing content that can\’t be accessed elsewhere and confident that your readers will place a monetary value on your content.


If you have a high enough readership then you can easily add adverts to your website with very little effort. There are plenty of automated networks out there that allow you to make money through displaying adverts on your site. Google Adsense is the most popular.

You can choose the type of adverts that are displayed and block any that you don\’t want. You need to maintain a high readership if you are going to make money this way, but once you have a high number of website visitors it is a simple way to make extra money.

Unfortunately this is not always a good choice for business websites as they can look untidy and unprofessional.

Affiliate Website

Affiliate websites make money by mentioning or reviewing brands and products. They tend to be very niche with a high following. Marketers will pay for a \’sponsored post\’ or for a link or a mention in a separate post. This is how a lot of blogs make money.

Setting up an affiliate website takes a lot of dedication in order to build a following that will appeal to marketers.

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Talk to South Wales Web Solutions if you are looking to set up a new website or update an existing site.

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