Modernising Your Keyword Research

Although most SEO techniques evolve almost monthly, keyword research, planning and implementation has remained the same for a long time now.

How SEOs and web masters identify their keywords tends to be very linear, focussing on the keywords that match up top their sales. However, consumers have evolved and for many products and services consumers will do a lot of research before they purchase.

Consumers will read around a subject first, looking at reviews comparisons and information before deciding if a product or service is right for them. You may also be selling a product or service that a consumer does not know exists, but solves their problem.

For your online marketing and website to be effective it is important that you tackle consumer problems and reach them early in the research stage. You can then optimise your website design for sales.

Whatever industry you are in you should try to produce content that answers common search queries from potential consumers. Look to target keywords which have a high search volume, but low competition. This means staying away from the \’sales\’ keywords.

Producing content that identifies you as an industry expert will bring your website in front of consumers early on in the sales funnel. This means that when they come to purchase they will remember and trust you and increase the chances of a conversion.

You can still conduct your research using Google Adwords Keyword planner to see average monthly searches, but it is important to spend a lot of time researching around your industry.

Brainstorm ideas for what problems does your product solve? What do people want to know about your product? What will people be using your product for? Once you have a long list of ideas you can check what is commonly researched and work towards producing content to answer consumer questions.

Appearing high on Google for a long list of low competition and high volume long tail keywords will bring more visitors to your website than concentrating on just a couple of select keywords.

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