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Mobile website design is critical in today's market place, a good fast design will help you attract potential customers and give them instant information.

When you think of mobile websites, images of tiny, poorly designed sites probably come to mind. Fortunately, thanks to Google’s recent changes, a mobile-friendly site isn’t that bad anymore.

With more people getting their information from their mobile devices than ever before, businesses everywhere are creating special mobile versions of their website. In fact, a Statista report found that, as of October 2016, 68% of American adults owned smartphones and 82% of those adults used apps for social networking or other communications.

Whether your customers are primarily at home or on the go – your business needs a mobile-friendly website if you want to stay in the game. Here are 5 things you need to know about creating a successful mobile website:

Google Will Reward Websites That Are Mobile Friendly

It’s true. Google has created a system that will reward you for making your site friendly to mobile devices.

Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but when the number of people using their phones to search for businesses far outnumbers those searching on a desktop computer, it becomes very important. Mobile-friendly websites rank higher in Google search results – and, in fact, they even show up in the regular desktop results now.

If you want to be found by customers searching on their phones, you need a mobile-friendly website.

Your Audience Is Constantly On the Go

If you were to talk to someone who spends a lot of time on the road, you might be surprised to find out how often they rely on their phones. After all, people on the road generally don’t have the luxury of a reliable internet connection.

But they can still use their phones, and they can use apps. Those who are in the construction business, for example, are often using their phones to look up building codes or find the best materials for their projects.

Even if your customers aren’t as mobile as those in the construction business, most people are more likely to use their phones again and again. And if they can’t access your website, they may not be able to do business with you at all.

A Responsive Website Is a Good Starting Point

While you don’t want to create a mobile-only site, you do want to create a responsive website – one that automatically adjusts to fit whatever screen size it’s displayed on. This can be done with a simple plug-in and a little know-how.

Depending on your budget and programming skills, you might choose to hire a company to create a custom mobile site for you. However, if you have the programming skills, you can save time and money by creating a responsive site.

Mobile website design South Wales Web SolutionsWhat to Know Before Designing Your Mobile Site

Remember – not all mobile devices are created equal. They come in many different sizes and types, from iPhones to Androids to Blackberries and so many more.

Make sure that your website will work on the most popular devices – particularly the ones used by your target audience. When designing your mobile site, remember that you don’t want to try to cram the same amount of information that you have on the regular site into a smaller space.

Your customers will appreciate simplicity – and they may be scrolling while they’re in line at a coffee shop or sitting on the bus on the way to work. Keep things short, sweet, and scannable.

Mobile website design- Bottom Line

If you’re serious about bringing in new customers, you need a mobile-friendly website. If you have a habit of browsing the web on your phone, you’ll appreciate this easy-to-use site – and you’ll be more likely to click through to your products or services.

That’s why it’s important to learn the ins and outs of creating a mobile website. If you want to stay competitive among other businesses in your field, you need a mobile-friendly website.

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