Maximising your business potential in Swansea with website design

With the Welsh Government highlighting Swansea Bay as Wales’ first “city region” it is without doubt an attractive location for new business set-ups. The focus of the government’s strategy will be to encourage inward investment within the city, which will act as a catalyst for economic growth and promising job opportunities.

The trends presented back in 2011 showing Swansea as no.2 in the rankings for Best UK location for Business Growth, therefore look as if they are likely to continue to reflect promising indicators, with this continued attention on the region.

So for new and existing businesses, the opportunities are very promising in this particular area of South Wales and as a service provider to such ventures, we at South Wales Web Solutions, certainly see this area as a dynamic growth area for our business.

Maximising your business potential in Swansea with website design South Wales Web Solutions

Many if not all businesses now see the necessity of a website, to project their business not only to their immediate market but those further afield. Having an SA1 post code will no doubt make a positive impression with any client but having a website that reflects a professional image of your company is priceless.  New business set ups however, are always be very mindful of the budget that they are operating within, funds are limited and entrepreneurs at this stage of are cautious and rightly so.

We meet many businesses who are uncertain if a website will generate value for money during their infancy but missing custom when your doors are closed, is something that you simply cannot afford. Your website will offer you a 24/7 window of opportunity, so having some presence really is essential.

So how do you reconcile your limited finances with the costs of website design ?

The answer is working with your website designer, stipulating your budget and immediate requirements, so that they can create a suitable site which gives a lasting impression but excludes some of the sophisticated, functionality which you do not need at this stage.

When we take on any web design project it is these initial discussions, which are invaluable and ensure that an accurate brief is taken and that there are no misconceptions. Any website that we create for our clients is one which can evolve with the business, if required. So a simple brochure site can ultimately progress to a fully functioning e-commerce site if and when required. We are also able to train our clients so that they can update their site themselves which again can avoid unnecessary cost.

So for all new businesses attracted to the promise that Swansea Bay will offer, in terms of enterprise culture and economic growth, ensure also that you have a website presence which also reflects a positive business image. At South Wales Web Solutions we specialise in website design and have been able to assist many businesses achieve an effective online campaign, which comes in on budget and achieves all objects and as such will only be too happy to help you too.

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