How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

It is common to find business owners – or copywriters – being unsure of how long the blog posts they write should be.

Is 400 words best, or should it be more like 2,000 words?  You could find five different people involved in the SEO industry and they could all give you five different answers.

Content is extremely important when it comes to rankings on the search engines, so if you want to improve your position, then you should do what you can to get the most out of your content.

There are many people that think the shorter the better – once they get past the 200-word mark they think the world is going to end.

But on the other hand, you will get people that will not write any less than 1,000 words because they think these blog posts will convert into more traffic.

Basically, it simply depends upon your purpose and the message you’re trying to communicate.

When it comes to the content you put into your blog posts, it is not only the length you have to be concerned with; there are a whole host of other issues you need to be aware of.

From substance and style to frequency and format – your blog posts are about more than just length.  Length is just one factor; there is no point in writing 2,500 words if your style isn\’t the best, or if you are publishing blog posts everyday.

More variety

The sheer variety of words is also an important factor that can improve your SEO.  If you have a longer blog post, then you are going to be able to work more keyword varieties into it.

You can use a lot more variety when you have a lot more content; the more variety you have, the better you’ll perform in search queries.  Remember, Google isn\’t just delivering results that have an exact match to the query – it delivers results that are semantically related as well.

In conclusion, we would never say you should get hung up over how long you want your content to be.  By all means do different lengths each time.

There’s no magic formula on word count that’s going to put your rankings through the roof.

If you looked into it in-depth you might find that around 1,500 words is ideal, but just because that works for other people, it doesn\’t necessarily mean it will work for you.

It helps to have an active social presence, rock-solid copy, and stuff worth talking about.

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