Local SEO check list

If you are a local company, then you will want to focus on local SEO. This means that when people in your area our searching for your product or service, you come up in the search engines.

Here are a few things that you should do in order to kick start your local SEO efforts:

Obvious address

Is your address clearly written in text on your website? It must be clear to the search engine crawlers where you are based.

Local directories

Have a look for some local directories and make sure you are listed in all of them. Keep all your details such as address, email and phone number consistent throughout the directories and remove duplicate listings.

National directories

List yourself in national directories with the correct details.

Google Plus

Ensure your business is listed on Google Plus with your correct address. You will receive a pin code from Google in the post a couple of weeks later in order to verify that your business is where you say it is.

Key words

Ensure you have your locality in the content throughout your website.

If you do all of these then you will get your local SEO off to a good start.

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