Not All Links Were Created Equal

Google algorithms still rely heavily on back links in order to rank websites in the search results for key words. Often clients ask their SEOs and digital marketers \’How many links will I get this month?\’ But this is no longer the correct way to look at a link building strategy. Not all links were created equal. A link building strategy is no longer about the number of links, but about the quality of links.

To make a link building strategy worthwhile, links should be from high quality, relevant websites. These should include a large number of sources, such as directories, PR, online magazines and blogs. These links can take longer to generate than using short cut methods, but once you have them established you will soon notice a vast difference in your page authority.

A variety of high quality, relevant links is now SEO best practice, as you are far less likely to get stung by major algorithm updates. Focussing on getting links from high quality websites is also the best way to approach a link building strategy as you will soon notice a big improvement in your search engine positioning.

Your links must appear to be \’natural\’.This means that they must appear in places that would naturally want to talk about your website. Keep things relevant to your industry and location and your SEO efforts will be much more productive.

Before going to the effort of acquiring links on a website, always check the page rank of that website, the website authority and how many visitors they receive. There are many online tools to help you do this. You do not want a link from a website that has no authority, or worse, a penalty.

There is now little or no point for creating links for the sake of links. If you are going to create a link for SEO why not create a link that will also generate traffic? Go to where your potential customers are and generate links from websites that they use. Therefore not only will you get the SEO benefits, but you will also see far more traffic to your website from relevant user groups. As your traffic increases, so will your page authority.

Link building may seem like a much slower process now than it did 2 or 3 years ago, but it is still well worth carrying out the work. Doing it well will dramatically increase the visitors to your website and therefore your customers.

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