Link Building Trends

The fantastic link building survey was released earlier in the month and it reveals some new insights into link building trends.

To give you some background information is one of the biggest sources of information in the SEO industry and they research all aspects of search engine optimisation and relating techniques. Every year they carry out a survey amongst marketing professionals to find the current trends and opinions and to plot year-on-year changes.You can view the full Link Building Survey here.

There are some surprising and not-so surprising results in the 2014 survey that Welsh businesses can use in order to help their own search engine optimisation efforts. The most notable surprise was the massive increase in budget that companies are putting towards link building. 37% of respondents said that their annual budget for link building is between $10k and $50k. So, when you are trying to decide if you think link building is worth it or not, remember that some companies think that link building is worth $50k per year to their business.

There is a continual shift in focus when companies are deciding the best way to gain back links. This year there is a large range of tactics being used, but content production is the most popular. The older ways of link building, including link wheels, forums and article directory submissions are dramatically falling out of fashion as companies would rather spend their resources chasing higher quality links and do not want to be penalised by Google.

Blog networks are still being used, but these may decrease in popularity further after the very public penalisation of My Blog Guest earlier this year.

South Wales Web Solutions recommends that the best way to build links is to do so honestly and to build a varied back catalogue. If you produce something great and market it well then you will find that link building is a much easier task.

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