What Information Do You Need On Your Website?

Your website needs to convey certain information for it to be effective. How do you decide on what this information is? Here are some of South Wales Web Solutions tips to get you started on thinking about the information that you need on your website.

The basics

First things first. Do not forget to put the basics on your website. This is the information that potential customers need to make a purchase. This may be your contact details, how to find you, your opening hours etc. Make sure that the basic information is very clear on your website, as this is one of the main reasons why a potential customer will visit your website. Ensure that this information is kept up-to-date, include any variations in opening times for bank holidays etc.

What you have to offer

Make it very clear on your website what you have to offer. Showcase your products or services and make it obvious to any new visitors to your site exactly what it is you do. You may have too many products to list on your site, if that is the case, give examples of the types of products you have in order to give the customer a broad understanding of your business.

Give good descriptions of products or services as many consumers like to do some research before purchasing. If you have an ecommerce site make sure there are good, clear pictures of each product or service that you are selling directly through your website.

About you

Include an \’About\’ page that explains something about you and your business. Explain the history of your business and your brand story to give your potential customers an idea about your brand values, your USPs and what you stand for. New customers are likely to be interested in this and may use it to make the final purchase decision.

Examples and reviews

Showcase examples of your work, your products and obtain some reviews to demonstrate how good your business is. If you are B2B and rely on repeat business from loyal customers then it is a bad idea to list all the businesses that you supply, even if it is an impressive collection. This is to prevent competitors from easily stealing your customer list and undercutting you. However, a few choice examples will demonstrate your capabilities.

Images and branding

Website visitors are getting lazier. To encourage new visitors to read about what you have to offer and to convey in an instant messages about your brand make good use of images and strong branding throughout your website. Potential customers can gain a much broader understanding more quickly through images than they can through text, so choose your images carefully.

Once you have included all of this it is up to you how much more information and text you put on your website. Give your potential customers all the information that they need and they are more likely to turn into customers.

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