The importance of user experience in website design

There is much more to website design than putting some information and pictures on a website and uploading them to the internet. How website visitors interact with your website has a huge impact on how many of them will turn into paying customers and how popular your website will be.

User experience, or UX, is a hugely important factor to take into account when you are working with your website design company.


Site speed is becoming an evermore important aspect of a website. It should load fast, both on desktop and on mobile.

Nobody likes to be kept waiting and if your website doesn’t load quickly then people will soon move on and look for information elsewhere.


Website users want to get to the information that they need quickly and efficiently. Ensure your most important pages are very easy to spot, don’t bury them away in a complex navigation system. Navigation should be very obvious and very easy, but achieving this can take a lot of skill and knowledge.


If you have any forms on your website, for capturing data or for contact then these must work very efficiently and be backed up by a good database.

There is often a lot more to a form than first meets the eye and getting the right one that works for both the user and for you takes an experienced web developer. Your users don’t want to spend ages typing in information and receiving error messages, but you still need to ensure that you are receiving all the information that you need.


If you sell directly through your website, then user experience should be very high up your agenda as you need customers to part with their cash as efficiently as possible, while maintaining a secure and safe process.

This involves a variety of very subtle adjustments, such as size, position and colour of buttons, form length and steps from basket to check out. If you get it right, your users will have an excellent experience, get it wrong and they will leave your website and go elsewhere.

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