The Importance of the Top 3

Ideally you should be appearing in the top 3 natural listings in Google for your main keywords. If you haven\’t started on your SEO yet it could take you up to 6 months to get there, but once you have made it into the top 3 you will reap the rewards of your efforts. Here are a few ways in which being in the top 3 listings will benefit you and your brand:

High click-through rate

The top 3 listings receive the highest click-through rate (CTR). In fact, around 60% of all clicks are on the top top 3 listings, the rest are dispersed down the page, but as a general rule, the higher you are, the more clicks you will receive. This means a lot of targeted traffic to your website. If your website does appear in the top 3 and you don\’t receive the appropriate volume of clicks, talk to your website developer about changing your meta description in order to encourage more people to click on your page.

Brand affirmation

Consumers naturally presume that the higher up in Google your company is, the better and more reputable it is. You have instantly gained the consumer\’s trust by appearing in the top 3. This leads to higher conversion rates and a better brand image.

Brand exposure

Even if being in the top 3 doesn\’t always lead directly to clicks and sales your brand is still appearing in front of a targeted audience, much like a small advert. Think about how much that would cost you in a targeted magazine. Large corporations spend millions on just getting their brand in front of consumers, without pushing for the final sale, and there are many good reasons why they do this. Just because you don\’t get that sale this time, by being in the top 3 you stand a better chance of getting it next time, as the consumer will already have heard of you.

These are just a few of the benefits of being in the top 3. So once you have got to page 1, do not stop there. Instead push on and make the final leap to gaining all the benefits of being at the top in Google.

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