The Importance of Contact Details on your Website

As you browse the internet you will notice that a lot of companies really don\’t want you to contact them. Trying to get in touch with some online companies can be nearly impossible. There are many reasons why a company would do this. For example, they may want to conduct business purely online, they may not want to reveal their geographical location, they may not want spam calls and emails. However, here are a few reasons why it is recommended that you display contact details prominently when you design your website:


Customers only hand over their hard earned cash if they trust that they will receive the goods or services that they have ordered. There is something suspicious about a company that you can\’t contact. Generally speaking, customers won\’t want to contact you, but they do like to know how to do it in the event that something goes wrong in the delivery. Having clear contact details will increase the legitimacy of your website, which will lead to more sales.


Consumers regularly have queries about a product before they purchase it. Why shouldn\’t they give you a quick call to find out the answer? You may notice a pattern of similar questions which will point you to changing details on your website. If someone is unsure about a product they will not purchase it, whereas having your phone number on display could greatly increase your conversion rate.

Other opportunities

You never know who is looking at your website and who likes what they can see. Your contact details may not be just for individual customers but for large suppliers, journalists or potential business partnerships. Surprising opportunities can always present themselves in business, but only if people can get hold of you.

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