Why you should ignore Google when you build links

To appear high on Google you need back links to your site. When you appear high on Google for your keywords you get extra traffic which leads to more profit. Back links are a sure-fire way to build site authority and to get to the top of the SERPs, so why would we recommend that you completely ignore Google when you are building your links?

Google doesn\’t really like you appearing at the top of its search engine for free. It would rather you ad to pay for it. For certain searches, appearing above the fold organically is getting tricky, Google is increasing Adword displays and sometimes scraping websites to provide an \’answer box.\’ Organic searches are gaining less exposure on Google for major search terms.

However, for more localised search terms you will gain natural exposure by appearing high on Google. But did you know that there were 4 major Google updates just last month? Not all of them hit sunny Wales, some were just rolled out in the US, but it is a stark reminder to websmasters that Google makes the rules and can change your fortunes whenever they feel like it.

However, this is no time to despair. If you do your optimisation properly then you will stay at the top of Google without even thinking about it. The best way to build your back links is to ignore Google altogether.

Go to where your customers are going to be and focus on sites that will send you traffic as well as link juice. If you do this then you are protecting yourself against Google updates by not relying fully on the traffic that you get from the search engines.

This is how you gain high quality links, get more traffic and ensure that your business is protected by having multiple streams of traffic. If you focus just on the number of links then eventually Google is going to unroll an update that will push you down the rankings. All those useless links that you\’ve got are going to get you nowhere.

Don\’t get caught up in the numbers, build links in places where you would naturally want a mention and on sites that will send you some traffic. This way you will keep high in the rankings by having a good back catalogue of natural links and you will have extra website traffic as an added bonus.

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