How your website design reflects your brand

Having a website is an essential part of running a business. Many consumers now research brands, products and services online before making a purchase, so it is vital that your website design is a true reflection of your business.

Just as a paper brochure will be carefully designed to provide essential information about a business and make the products or services as attractive as possible to the readers, a website must be designed to do the same.

A good website design will reflect the nature of the brand, provide essential information and convert website visitors into paying customers.

There are many ways in which to do this, but if you are to achieve it then you will need a professionally designed site that functions well and is very secure.

Website Functionality

The internet age has changed the world in many ways, not least it has made people far more impatient than they previously were. How your website functions will greatly affect how it reflects your brand. Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to find information or make a purchase on a website that does not function properly. It does not make the business seem reliable or trustworthy. The navigation and user experience of a website has a big impact on the overall message that it sends to website visitors.


There are now more people accessing the internet via a smart phone than via a PC. There are seemingly endless screen sizes and shapes that your website will be viewed on. It is more important than ever that your website is responsive. If a potential customer can not view your website properly on a smart phone then they are likely to go straight to a competitor.

Website Design

Your website design company should be able to produce a website that matches your brand and your brand values. Everything from the font size to colours and layout will send a message to website visitors. An image-heavy site suggests a very creative business, an unusual font choice suggests a quirky business and an standardised, clear layout suggests a very professional and efficient business.


The information that you provide on your website will also reflect the type of business that you are. If your website design incorporates very clear contact details then you will look open, honest and approachable. If other essential information such as opening hours are easy to find, then you will also give the website visitor a good user experience. However, too much text can overwhelm a visitor and make it hard to pick out the information that they require. Your website design company should be able to advise you on the right amount of content for your site.

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