How To Understand Why Content Is So Valuable To SEO

If there’s one industry that changes regularly, it’s the digital marketing one.

Particularly in regard to SEO, we’ve been delivering SEO services in and around the South Wales area for many years now and have seen a huge amount of change in every sense, particularly in relation to the techniques and approaches that have to be used to see the results you need.

As anyone who has read or talked about SEO in the past year or two will no doubt understand, one of the biggest changes to SEO lately has been the huge shift in focus towards content.

It’s always had a role in SEO, but it’s often been thought of as playing second fiddle to other things, such as developing backlinks.

How To Understand Why Content Is So Valuable To SEO South Wales Web SolutionsHowever, whilst backlink building is still important (as long as the quality over quantity rule is followed), content is vital to the success of any SEO strategy today.

But why? What makes content such a crucial component to search engine optimisation? And why is it now more favourable to the other techniques that have been used over the years?

Whilst there’s actually a lot to talk about here and many smaller points to cover, they generally all come back to the fact that with content, you can provide exactly what it is your target audience is looking for – and as SEO should now be seen as a process whereby you first and foremost satisfy your customers, it’s the perfect way to do so.

For example, as consumers we want to know more about the organisations we’re dealing with. We want to understand about them as a company, the products they’re offering and the service they’re providing.

A brief product description may suit us initially, but before we hand over our money, we want to fully understand what it is we’re going to be getting, something that content – such as that delivered via a blog post – does perfectly.

And as soon as we gain access to the content we want and which meets our needs perfectly, we’re satisfied, something that contributes to how effective a SEO strategy is.

SEO is no longer a resource that is only impacted by – or only impacts on – a small number of different things. In many ways, it’s now an umbrella term for a vast array of techniques, approaches, aspects and factors, all affecting how satisfied a customer is with your organisation, which ultimately plays a vital role in how the search engines rank your website.

There’s obviously a lot more to consider than just understanding ‘content helps SEO’, but we trust that this gives you a good insight into exactly why content is such a valuable aspect of SEO – and if you have any questions at all, we’ll be more than happy to answer them as an experienced Web Design agency serving Cardiff and the surrounding area.

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