How To Design A Striking Home Page

Web design trends seem to change monthly as new technologies and new scripts are developed and evolved. However, small businesses can\’t be expected to change their website design with every new passing trend. Instead, they should look towards creating a web design for their home page that will be effective, functional and aesthetically striking for a long time to come. Here are a few ways that you can do that:


Above-the-fold means everything that you can see on the screen before having to scroll down the page. You must have your most relevant information above-the-fold and use this space to create your ideal first impression to your webs visitors.

Information that you may want to put above-the-fold will include your branding, your hero image, your USPs, your product or service, and your contact details. If you have a short video explaining your business, then you could include this instead of an image.


One factor of web design hasn\’t changed drastically for some time is the navigation. Having an easy navigation system on your home page is a must for a good user experience. Web users are very accustomed to normal navigation and anything that isn\’t straightforward and obvious is likely to put visitors off and prevent them from finding the information that they require.

Trust elements

Trust has a very large impact on how web visitors respond to your website and if they will convert into customers. Creating a trustworthy website involves having clear contact details, testimonials, well-known partner or media logos and obvious regular updates to the website.

If you include all these things then any web visitors who have not encountered your brand before will be more willing to explore further and buy from you.

Strong branding

Many good web design templates are similar to each other, so in order to make your website stand out you must have very strong branding.

Good images, a video, clear USPs and a professional logo will ensure that your brand is clear and provide a website visitor with all the information they need about your products, or services.

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