How To Create A Twitter Following From Nothing

Once you have a Twitter following it is easier to keep finding more followers. However, creating a Twitter following from nothing can seem like you have turned up to a party and know no one there. Getting those first few followers and then increasing your following to create an influence will often be the hardest part of your whole Twitter campaign. So how do you go about creating a Twitter following from nothing?

Get Tweeting

The first thing to do is to set up your Twitter profile and get tweeting. Don\’t worry that no one is reading your tweets yet. Any potential followers will flick through your Twitter profile to see what you tweet about. Being active and interesting will help you to gain followers.

Hash tags

More people will find your Twitter profile if you use relevant hash tags. People will search hash tags that interest them so make sure that you are using the right ones.

Complete your profile

Ensure you have a complete and interesting profile page. Say who you are, what you are, and where you are. Use unique and interesting images that are relevant to you.

Tell people

Once you have a catalogue of tweets and a complete profile, now is the time to announce to the world that you are on Twitter. Tell your mates, announce it on any other social networking sites and email your work connections. Any of these people who are on Twitter will go over and follow you. These will be your first few followers.

Get following

Now you have your first few followers, start following people. Find other accounts in your niche and follow their followers. Around 10% of people will follow you back and you can follow up to 2000 people. This means that you will gain your first 200 followers, provided you choose active accounts to follow.


The more you interact the more followers you will gain. Thank people for following you, retweet people and join in conversations. Get yourself noticed.

Find discussion topics

Many industries, niches and topics have a weekly meet-up on Twitter using a certain hash tag. Find the one most relevant to you and join in. You\’ll soon appear to be the industry expert and gain even more followers.

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