How To Brief A Website Designer

At South Wales Web Solutions in Bridgend, we build all types of websites for all types of clients. We are used to working to all different types of briefs and producing websites that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

However, for a fast and seamless web design and development it helps to produce a very clear and concise brief to work from. This is one of the most important parts of the project and it is crucial to produce a brief that reflects how you want your website to look and function.

If once the website is built you require a series of corrections the design can soon start to lose its integrity and the bills can soon start to add up. A few minor changes are expected and designs can adapt to these, but a continual stream of tweaks will soon end up with a design that differs greatly from the original and may not function nearly as well.

If you have no experience with web design it is a difficult thing to envisage. But that is OK, as we can guide you through the whole process. The information that your web designer will need from you includes a full brief of your business to work out how to structure the site into separate pages, other marketing material to match the look and feel, whether you need any extra functions, such as forms, sliders, videos, registrations, ecommerce etc and examples of websites that you like.

From this your web design company will be able to put together ideas about how your website should look and how the navigation should work. You will need to provide images and copy and to decide on main banner images.

First your web design company will put together a template, these will be the bare bones of a website that will include the structure and the navigation. From this you will be able to see how your website will work. The navigation is one of the most important aspects of web design so it is essential that it is done properly. Your web designer will be able to guide you to ensure your navigation works intuitively.

If you are unhappy with the template in some way it is important to state exactly what and how you would like it changed. It is then important to listen to feedback from your web designer as they may have a reason why some things won\’t work, well as they may effect the responsiveness or usability.

With the template complete images and content can be added and your website will be ready to go live and be shown to the world. If you have been happy with the brief then you will be overjoyed with the final site.

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