What does “good content” mean?

You will have heard that your website needs good content, in order to build a good brand image and to improve your search engine optimisation. However, there are very few explanations about what good content means.

Brand image

Good content means different things depending on what industry you are in. For many industries the content will be instructive and professional, but for others it can be light-hearted and funny. Your web content should be a reflection on your brand image and should help to communicate this image to your website visitors.


Your content should be unique. Whether it is a funny video, an in-depth educational piece, new research, or a series of informative articles, the more unique the better. It should stand out from all the other content being produced in your industry


Your content must be something that will tempt other people to share and link to. Before you create your content you should have researched which sites you are going to try to attain links from. There is no good creating brilliant content if there is no one who is willing to link to it.

A talking point

Your content should start some form of conversation. Whether this is people on social media sharing a video and telling their friends how funny it is, or whether it is another industry expert responding to it with their own article, a good piece of content should get people talking.


No matter the nature of your content it should look and feel professional. Do not rush your content creation, instead focus on producing a quality piece that will continue to attract links and website visitors for months and years to come.


The purpose of your content must be to attract visitors to your website and therefore potential customers. That means that it must be the type of content that will attract people who could turn into a customer. There is no use getting lots of website visitors if none of them are interested in your product or service, or it won\’t attract links from the correct sites.

Keep your content on-brand and remember its purpose.

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