The “no-follow” link

To build your SEO you need to build the links from other websites to your website. There are a number of ways of doing this and an awful lot of wrong ways of doing this. However, there are 2 types of links there\’s a “follow” and a “no-follow”.

So, what is the difference? A “follow” link is a normal link that both people and Google\’s web crawlers can click on and follow. A “no-follow” link is a link that appears normal to the reader, but it has an instruction on it for web crawlers not to follow the link to the site.

There is a strong argument to say that a “no-follow” link is of no value for SEO and it may not be worth trying to get a “no-follow” link on a 3rd party site. However, these links are of value. Here\’s why:

The “no-follow” debate

It is still under debate whether or not search engines add any value to a “no-follow” link. Many studies have shown that Google\’s algorithms do in fact pay attention to a “no-follow” link, if it meets all the other criteria, such as from a well ranked site etc. However, you will hear differing opinions about this.

Monetary value

If a “no-follow” link is in the right place, then it will still raise good awareness of your website or product, which, in turn, could lead to sales. Making money is the reason for good SEO, so if you make money through a “no-follow” link, then it\’s not something to complain about. A good review of your product on a popular site is likely to lead directly to sales, whether the link to your product is “follow” or “no-follow.”

Links build links

If your product has been noticed by one commentator, then the likelihood is that others are going to also notice you, perhaps because of one initial “no-follow” link on a popular blog. As the saying goes “any publicity is good publicity” and if commentators have noticed you then others are likely to take an interest and perhaps include a “follow” link in their reviews and articles.

So, if after a lot of work gaining links you find that some of them are “no-follows” don\’t beat yourself up about it, make the most of it instead.

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