Effective use of Keywords for SEO

As today’s market is so competitive in all areas of business, it’s imperative that you get the right keywords in place for your online business. There are some great tools out there which can help you and give you some sound ideas including: Word-tracker and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, offered free by Google. At SWWS we offer the effective use of keywords for SEO as a service to our clients, so recognise the value of these tools, particularly when indicating the popularity of suggested keywords, as they provide the search volumes for each word or phrase entered. Using this data, you can then select the most popular keywords used by browsers and include them within the content of your site.

Effective use of Keywords for SEO South Wales Web Solutions

Even though search engines will determine the ranking of your site and many factors influence this, there is one factor that always has significance and that is the content. When writing content for our South Wales client base we undertake significant research to ensure that it is relevant and appropriate for those browsing, and use the keyword tools to guide us in selection of relevant terms and phrases to include. They need to be suited to the target audience and be the words or phrases that they would use when referring to the type of business.

It is therefore always a good idea to ask existing customers to establish how they would search for a particular product, to get a good all round idea of the terminology they use. As well as this we suggest undertaking research into industry blogs and social networks, – all this will help give a good general understanding of what are the correct keywords for your business.

It is important to always remember that whilst the Search Engines rank the site, it is people who search for it, so the content needs to appeal to them. The search engines will then find the most relevant site that matches the keywords they have entered.

Once the most significant “core” or “head” keywords have been identified and introduced into the site content, there is then need to also consider the use of longtail keywords. These are several words assembled the search box. They tend to be more specific to the enquiry, leaving less doubt about the information required. The browser generating the search is therefore more knowledgeable and is targeting specific information. For this reason they are considered more likely to convert, so more valuable.

For example, compare the following searches: “omega watch” and “Omega constellation men’s watch, Cardiff”, the former is a described as a core keyword, whilst the latter is a Longtail keyword. This browser knows far more about the product and due to the specific detail it suggests they want to know where to purchase.

The use of longtail keywords is becoming more powerful as browsers are now far more efficient using search engines and now know how to fine tune the results that are generated, so they are totally relevant to their search – it is these types of browsers that a website wants to capture.

What is important to remember though is that Longtail keywords will have less competition due to their make-up, for this reason statistics will illustrate lower searches for them which might be off putting, however when they are used the conversion rate is much higher and this is key.

So in order to secure a credible position in the SERPs, which steers traffic to your site, our SEO team advocates a good content strategy, which certainly includes good value key words together with highly relevant longtail keywords also. This will then ensure that this traffic is highly likely to convert into a sale or enquiry, when this happens, well done, your site is achieving its objectives.


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