Digital Marketing Techniques That Don’t Work

Digital marketing done well will do wonders for your business. It can bring you new customers, increase customer retention and build your brand story. However, if you do it wrong, at best it will waste money and at worst, it will ruin your business reputation. There are a few ‘get rich quick’ digital marketing schemes that despite not working, still attract attention and pull business owners in. Here are a few:

Buying followers

Want to have “10,000 real followers” on your Facebook page for only £10? Well, you can! Unfortunately, that depends on how you define ‘real follower.’ These followers won’t give two hoots about your business or your posts, as once you have paid for the like, they will never look at your page again.

This will make it very unlikely that any real followers will ever see your posts. It will also reflect badly on you having so many followers and no one interacting with your posts. Most people who do buy followers find that they will all leave at some point too, as the accounts get shut down by the platform. But above all else, with a whole host of fake follows you run the real risk of your own page being shut down, leaving you with no social media presence at all.

SEO Quick Wins

There is no doubt that being top of the organic rankings in Google for relevant keywords will bring you a lot of website visitors. However, “SEO quick wins” are always a bad idea, and so are the companies that offer them.

If you go for dubious methods to get to the top of the rankings, it may work for a little while, but soon Google will catch up and you will find yourself dropping, or even with a penalty and the SEO company will disappear.

Recovering from a Google penalty takes years, so if you were relying on the top spot in Google to make sales, you will need to quickly develop a new marketing strategy.

No digital marketing strategy

Using digital marketing channels without a strategy is going to get you nowhere. If you are spending time and money on these channels you need to know that your investment will be worth it.

A proper marketing strategy will help you to get the best results quickly and learn more about your audience and target market as you go. Many businesses embark on digital marketing without knowing how or why and find that the channels do not produce the results they were hoping for. A strategy will change that.


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