Content is King

An important element of any online strategy is monitoring where you business ranks on the search engines. Having a well designed site is all well and good but if it cannot be found by the search engines then all your efforts will have been in vain.

The key to driving traffic to your website lies in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is referred to and by ‘optimising’ the content of your website the search engines such as Google, can rank your website more easily and ultimately improve your position.

Content is King South Wales Web SolutionsAs an agency operating in and around the Cardiff area, we are well practiced in developing SEO strategies for our clients, which will ensure more traffic to their sites and ultimately improve their Google ranking.

The content in your website plays a very significant role as this is what will attract attention and maintain interest and lengthen the duration of any visit to your site. It enables you to differentiate you from your competitors and to keep your customers up to date with changes within your business. The Search Engines also love good content and that which is changing frequently, as this draws them to keep looking at your site and re-indexing it.

The perfect means of updating content is by including a Blog within your site. This is something that we as an SEO specialist, incorporate into all our web designs as it is a way of filling your site with your latest news, using fresh up to date content. This content however needs to be properly labeled so that you are using the same keywords and phrases that your customers browse with, as this will enable them to easily locate your site.

Link Building is another way to optimise your site and is considered by some to be more powerful than the use of keywords and phrases. By including Links to your website through your Blog will be a positive indicator to Google and are a sure way of increasing a website’s position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). An even more powerful technique is to secure ‘inbound’ links – links from other websites who are related to your website. It is therefore good practice to develop relationships with other websites so that this technique can be implemented and capitalized on, through increased traffic to your site and improved rankings on the search engines.

Be warned though, Google can also penalize as well as promote your site, so avoid shortcuts and ensure that content is well prepared, free of errors and a perfect match for your target market. If you have ‘stuffed’ your content by repeating key words too frequently then this will be detected and your position will deteriorate. Also, if you are not using language that your customers recognize then you will not be found by them or the search engines and will remain buried at the bottom forever !

As experts we can assist with SEO techniques and advise on how you can capitlise on these yourself or if required implement a strategy on your behalf. But whatever option you take, optimising your site is a guaranteed way of improving traffic flow to your site and essentially gaining more custom.

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