Colouring in your website

When you are planning your website you need to decide on the layout, the images and the content. However, one of the most important thing to decide on is the colours. Colours send subliminal messages to consumers about everything from brand positioning to the product or service on offer. If you get your colours wrong you could lose customers before they even know what you offer.

This is why Easy Jet have chosen orange as their main colour and Gucci\’s website is in black and gold. Easy Jet have gone out of their way to demonstrate that theirs is a budget brand, whereas Gucci need to convey the luxury and exclusivity of their products.

As a consumer you will have made countless snap decisions about brands without even realising it. We are programmed to respond to colours in different ways, which is why the colours of your website are so important. There are endless shades and hues of colours and subtle changes can make a big difference. However, here are a few examples of the subliminal messages of colours to get you started:

  • Black: authority, sophistication, luxury.
  • Red: strength, power, excitement, boldness.
  • Yellow: warmth, happiness, comfort, energy.
  • Orange: budget, warmth, vibrancy, adventurousness.
  • Green: nature, prosperity, nurturing, harmony, life, newness.
  • Blue: trustworthiness, loyalty, integrity.
  • Purple: spirituality, imagination, luxury, elegance, maturity.
  • Pink: femininity, softness.
  • Brown: earth, stability, balance, nature.
  • White: purity, cleanliness, simplicity, virtue.


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